SVP Lending Operations and Systems - Cheyenne

Help people live better lives. That’s what this job does. Our organizational goal is to loan money to people, so they in turn can use that money to buy a home to live in, purchase reliable transportation, and save money through our lower interest rates. Where do you come in? By making the loan process better.

In this role, you’ll organize, plan and direct the credit union’s operational loan functions and procedures to maximize efficiencies. Why is this important? Because the better you can help us streamline the process, the more members we can serve. And it’s not just about doing it faster, it’s about making the process better. 

We’ll help you get there, with a supportive, knowledgeable and experienced team of credit union associates that want you to succeed in big ways. The ideal candidate will come to the team with a college degree and five to ten years of similar experience. 

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Equal Opportunity Employer