The Meridian Trust Board of Directors, Executive Team, and Supervisory Committee are all here to serve the thousands of members the credit union serves. Through dedication, commitment and foresight, these groups, along with the entire staff of Meridian Trust at multiple branch locations, work to ensure the safety, soundness and strength of this organization for future generations.

  • Meridian Trust is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, elected from and by our membership. The Board oversees the operations of the credit union and ensures the safety and security of members' funds.

    The Board works in conjunction with credit union employees to ensure exceptional service, competitive products, and continuing dedication to our members through the promise we make every day to provide: personal connections, simple solutions and lifetime relationships.

    Photo of Mike Abel, Board Chairman

    Photo of Mike Bleakley, Board Vice Chairman

    Photo of Marci Norby, Board Treasurer

    Photo of Garth Shanklin, Board Secretary

    Photo of Bob Beavers, Board Member

    Photo of Dean Fausset, Board Member

    Photo of Kim Lee, Board Member

  • Photo of Kim Withers, Chief Executive Officer

    Photo of Bryan Thomas, Executive Vice President

    Photo of Joani Hafner, Chief Financial Officer

    Photo of Ed Beckmann, Chief Experience Officer

    Photo of Trevor Rutar, Chief Lending Officer

    Photo of Neil McSweeney, Chief Information Officer

    Photo of Susan Clark, Senior Vice President

    Photo of Adele Gardner, Regional Senior Vice President

    Photo of Andrew Shaw, Senior Vice President of IT and Core

  • Members of the Supervisory Committee are appointed by the credit union’s Board of Directors. This Committee provides the membership with an independent appraisal of the safety and soundness of Meridian Trust Federal Credit Union and ensures that management adheres to established policies and conducts business in the members’ best interest. The Committee does so in compliance with the Federal Credit Union Act, the rules and regulations of the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) and Meridian Trust’s bylaws. The volunteer members of this committee meet monthly.

    The Supervisory Committee audits the credit union's records and works closely with Certified Public Accountants to conduct an annual audit of the credit union to detect errors and guard against fraud. Contact our Internal Auditor if you should have any questions or concerns regarding your account.

    Photo of David Orr, Supervisory Chairman

    Photo of John Kaiser, Supervisory Vice Chairman

    Photo of Kelly Willmarth, Supervisory Secretary

    Photo of Adrian Ducharme, Supervisory Member

    Photo of Stan Bugg, Supervisory Member