Free Checking

Even if you never write an actual check, it’s important to have a Checking Account. When you have a Checking Account at Meridian Trust, you can access your money in many different and convenient ways.

You can use your Checking Account along with a Free Meridian Trust Debit Card. It acts like a check, while providing the convenience of a card. You can also use it to get money from over 30,000 ATM locations nationwide, all for free.

You can set up Free Online Bill Pay, attached to your Checking Account. You can set up direct deposit. Oh, and you can also write checks if you like too!

  • The checking account is free. You can also earn as much as 4.00% APY on the money in your checking account. Here's how:

    • Keep a $1,000 minimum balance in your checking account
    • Make a minimum of 10 debit card purchases of $5 or more posted to your account during the month
    • Sign up for eStatements
    • Set up one monthly direct deposit

    You also get:

    • Free Online Banking
    • Free Online Bill Pay
    • Free Debit Card
    • Free Mobile App
    • Over 30,000 free CO-OP ATMs nationwide

    Max Rewards Checking Logo

    If you already have a checking account with us, you are enrolled in MaxRewards automatically.

    Switching your checking to Meridian Trust is easy with our Switch Kit.


    Rate APY $1,000 min. monthly balance+ Signed up for eStatements Debit Card Transactions* Direct Deposit**
    3.93% 4.00% X X X X
    0.05% 0.05% X

    To earn interest (dividend rate), must meet criteria indicated. Rate paid will be on amounts up to $15,000. Balances above $ 15,000 will earn 0.05%.

    APY=Annual Percentage Yield

    + $1,000 Minimum monthly balance is in checking account only, not all deposits combined.

    *Requires 10 monthly debit card purchases, minimum of $5.00 per purchase, that must post and clear your account during the monthly cycle.

    **Requires minimum of one direct deposit per month that must post and clear your account during the monthly cycle.

    Personal accounts only, no business accounts. One MaxRewards Checking Account per account/unique SSN. Rates are declared by the Board of Directors and may change without notice. Ask us for details. Requirements apply and membership required. Rates above are effective as of October 1, 2017.

    MaxRewards Checking accounts are Tiered Rate accounts. For these accounts, the specified Dividend Rate for a tier will apply only to the portion of the account balance that is within that tier. The annual percentage yields, which vary depending on the balance in the account, are shown for each tier.

    Read the Check Reconcilement Form (PDF)

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  • Carrying a Meridian Trust Visa Debit Card is your key to convenience. Our card:

    • Looks like a credit card
    • Works like a check
    • Is accepted anywhere the Visa logo is displayed
    • Automatically debits your checking account when you make purchases
    • Offers the ability to withdraw cash at ATMs worldwide

    You can choose our Basic Debit Card or choose a Designer Debit Card. You can choose from 17 different card designs.

    Choose our Basic Card Design

    Basic Card

    Choose Elk Debit Card Design


    Choose Galaxy Debit Card Design


    Choose Sunflower Debit Card Design


    Choose Horses Debit Card


    Choose Flag Debit Card Design


    Choose Hikers Debit Card Design


    Choose Snowboarder Debit Card Design


    Choose Four Wheeler Debit Card Design

    Four Wheeler

    Choose Bears Debit Card Design


    Choose Cows Debit Card Design


    Choose Moose Debit Card Design


    Choose Ocean Debit Card Design


    Choose Day of the Dead Debit Card Design

    Day of the Dead

    Choose Mandala Debit Card Design


    Choose T-Rex Debit Card Design


    Choose Hay Field Debit Card Design

    Hay Field

    To help protect you, Meridian Trust uses Card Member Security to monitor activity on member debit cards and will notify you of any suspicious transactions. When fraudulent card activity is suspected a fraud analyst to verify the transaction will contact you immediately.

  • Because your security is important to us, all Meridian Trust Debit Cards feature EMV Chip technology.

    The EMV cards add improved security and fraud protection for you, with an embedded computer chip that works with the EMV card reader technology. This technology is securing payment cards in countries around the world and has been adopted as the card standard in the United States.

    You still may be required to enter your card’s PIN or sign for transactions. Your card will also work on payment terminals that require a swipe of the magnetic strip.

    When you receive your card, please activate it immediately and destroy your old card.

  • It’s simple, convenient and a free service for you, as a member of Meridian Trust.

    When you sign up for Direct Deposit, you no longer have to make a special trip to the branch to deposit your check. Your money is deposited directly into your account automatically, so the money is there for you on time, and in full.

    When you find yourself too busy to get to the branch, or for those days when the weather is better suited to stay inside than to hit the road, you’ll be glad you signed up. Most importantly, your money will be in your account much more quickly.

    Direct Deposit doesn’t work for just paychecks. Direct Deposit can also be used for:

    • Social Security payments
    • Retirement pensions
    • All electronic deposits (payroll)

    To switch your automatic, recurring payments or deposits to a Meridian Trust account, you can use our Switch Kit. The Direct Deposit form can be found at that page. Simply use your Meridian Trust account number, preceded by 109 for checking or 104 for money market, adding sufficient zeros to make your total account number equal to 13 digits. (example: member #12345 becomes 1090000012345 for a checking direct deposit). You will also need the Credit Union’s routing number, which is included on the form.

  • It happens to almost everybody at one time or another. We write a check or use our debit card and we just didn't have quite enough money in our checking account to cover it.

    When this happens, a store is likely to charge you a large fee. And if it's to anyone else, there's the embarrassment that can be associated with looking like you don't have enough money.

    You can avoid these consequences entirely by signing up for Checking Overdraft Protection. Quite simply, what this means is that when that time comes where you write a check that your balance can't quite cover, we'll make sure that check doesn't "bounce" and the company or person gets paid in full. They get paid and you look good.

    Protect your checking account with the Meridian Trust's lines of credit for automatic Overdraft Protection. This service is available to members with approved credit and works hand in hand with your checking account.

For more information about Free Checking or to open an account, stop into your local branch, call 1.800.726.5644 or email us

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