If you work for a company that is already a Meridian Trust Select Employee Group (SEG), then you can join!  Take advantage of this great benefit today.  If your company is not yet a SEG, contact us. When your company offers Meridian Trust membership as part of your employee benefits package, you are providing your employees with a valuable, free service. Your employees can access a wide range of financial services—from loans to savings to identity theft protection and much more—from one of Wyoming’s leading credit unions. It’s an easy, free and worthwhile employee benefit.

Become a SEG and join these other outstanding companies who have already partnered with Meridian Trust. Members of groups listed here may join the credit union. Groups marked with an asterisk (*) indicates that both employees and members/volunteers are eligible for membership. Browse our SEG list (alphabetical) or SEG list (by city) to see if your company is already a SEG, or to see other companies that have already taken advantage of the benefits of being with Meridian Trust Federal Credit Union.

To learn more about how Meridian Trust can become your trusted financial services partner, stop by your near
est branch location, call either 1.800.726.5644 or 307.635.7878, or email us.