Home Equity Loans

Home equity loans - low ratesGet a home equity line of credit with Meridian Trust! You can use the money to:
  • Pay off existing credit card debt. Consolidate your current credit cards at a lower rate, lower payment, and in one location.
  • Make home improvements or renovations. Now you can do that room addition, add outdoor living space, or catch up on needed repairs at a great low rate.
  • Pay for a college education. College costs are soaring, help bring them back down to earth with a low-rate HELOC loan. You can use the equity you've built up in your home to create a better life and future for yourself.
  • Cover large medical expenses. When a sudden, unplanned medical expense comes up it can be hard to find the money to cover it. With deductibles, co-pays, procedures and travel, medical bills and expenses can pile up in a hurry.
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What is home equity?
Your home's equity is the difference between what your home could sell for and what you owe on the mortgage. You can use this amount for a variety of purposes, such as those described above as well as for other expenses you're facing. The interest on a home equity loan is generally much lower than on other types of loans. Some restrictions apply, including how much you can borrow and the term of the loan.

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