Vehicle Loans

Come to Meridian Trust for your car or truck loan. You’ll get a great low rate from Meridian Trust, your local credit union. Contact us today and we’ll get you started on the road to your new set of wheels.

  • For car and truck loans, Meridian Trust is your best choice.

    For years, we’ve been helping people get into the vehicle of their dreams. We offer low rates, fast service and friendly people. We have low rates so you can enjoy easy monthly payments.

    We can even get you pre-approved before you start shopping for your next car or truck. By getting pre-approved at Meridian Trust ahead of time, this means you can focus on the car or truck you want, and not worry about the financing part. Instead of negotiating with a dealer for the vehicle you want and then tackling the financing part with them, you can make your life much simpler by taking care of that with us ahead of time.

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    Terms 84 months or less** Your Credit Score (Rates APR*)
    700+ 699-650 649-600 599-0
    New Vehicles 2021-2018 3.00% 4.00% 7.25% 9.25%
    Used Vehicles 2017-2014 4.50% 5.50% 8.75% 10.75%
    Loved Vehicles 2013-2010 (Max LTV=80%) 6.00% 7.00% 10.25% 12.25%

    *APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Maximum terms for each loan type are set in the loan policy. All rates are subject to change without notice. Rates shown effective as of October 14, 2020.

    **84 month terms are only for vehicles 2019 and newer.

    Credit qualification, age 18 or older and membership required.

    Rates shown here are good for all new loans to Meridian Trust, including refinancing of existing loans elsewhere to our lower rates. Meridian Trust loans will be refinanced only if there is a letter grade improvement in the borrower’s credit score, or the remaining principal balance on the loan is increased by 25% or more. A $25,000 Auto Loan for a term of 60 months with a 3.00% APR, the monthly payment will be $449.19. 

    You are not required to include income derived from alimony, child support, or separate maintenance payments for consideration on your application.

  • Roar Back!

    Your independent spirit cannot be contained! Hit the open road (or the open lake) with an incredible low loan rate from Meridian Trust on RVs, Boats, Campers and Travel Trailers.

    Get going with an RV loan to help you enjoy the great outdoors, anytime of the year.

    Recreational vehicle loans are available for:

    • Motorcycles
    • Motor Homes
    • Travel trailers
    • 5th wheel campers
    • Horse or stock trailers
    • All-terrain vehicles (ATVs)
    • Snowmobiles
    • Boats
    • Personal watercrafts

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    Recreational Vehicle Loans

    Loan Term Length 5 Years or Less (Rates APR*) 5+ Years (Rates APR*)
    New Campers, Travel Trailers, RVs 5.00% 5.60%
    Used Campers, Travel Trailers, RVs 5.40% 6.00%
    Boats 6.50%
    Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, ATVs 5.40% N/A
    Other or Older RVs 6.70%

    *APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Maximum Loan Term 180 months (15 years). Term length is subject to collateral, payment, and loan amount. Rates are effective as of July 17th, 2020 and are subject to change without notice. Age 18 or older, credit qualification and membership required. As an example, a $25,000 RV Loan for a term of 60 months with a 5.00% APR, would have a monthly loan payment of $471.85. Vehicles and RVs older than 2008 will qualify for the unsecured rate. 

    You are not required to include income derived from alimony, child support, or separate maintenance payments for consideration on your application.

  • Mechanical Breakdown Protection covers your vehicle after the manufacturer's warranty has expired.

    The Premium Value Protection Plan covers components not covered by the factory drivetrain warranty and provides towing, rental, travel and tire road hazard benefits even during the warranty period.

    Easy enrollment and simple eligibility requirements.

    Don’t let a mechanical breakdown catch you off guard. Protect your investment and be prepared for the unexpected. Get your Mechanical Breakdown Protection quote below.

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  • GAP Protection covers your car loan.

    GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) is a non-insurance service that covers the "gap" that exists between your vehicle's value and the amount owed on your vehicle loan. Why you should get it:

    GAP waives the difference between your primary carrier insurance settlement and the payoff of your loan, less delinquent payments, late charges, refundable service contracts, and other insurance related charges. Included in this difference is your insurance deductible, which is limited to $1000.00.

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Life can be unpredictable, see how debt protection can help you.

For more information on a Vehicle or RV loans, GAP Auto Loan Protection or Breakdown Protection, call 1.800.726.5644 or email.