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Gain Freedom From Your Mortgage

Refinance your mortgage at a great low fixed rate of just 3.50%*

The Express Mortgage lets you pay off your mortgage quicker – you'll pay off your home in 12 years (or less)!

Ideal for homeowners who are close to retirement; and for those who want to pay off their mortgage faster than with a traditional mortgage.


  • Low fixed rate: just 3.50% 
  • Origination fee is only $399
  • Maximum loan amount: $249,999
  • Maximum LTV (Loan-to Value): 80%
  • Principal and Interest only
  • Owner occupied homes only
  • Term: 12 years or less
  • For refinances of existing mortgages only

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*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Taxes and Insurance are not escrowed. Credit qualification and membership required.

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