Checking Overdraft Protection

It happens to almost everybody at one time or another. We write a check or use our debit card and we just didn't have quite enough money in our checking account to cover it.

When this happens, a store is likely to charge you a large fee. And if it's to anyone else, there's the embarrassment that can be associated with looking like you don't have enough money.

You can avoid these scenarios entirely by signing up for Overdraft Protection. Quite simply, what this means is that when that time comes where you write a check that your balance can't quite cover, we'll make sure that check doesn't "bounce" and the company or person gets paid in full. They get paid and you look good.

Protect your checking account with the Meridian Trust's line of credit for automatic Overdraft Protection.

This service is available to members with approved credit and works hand in hand with your checking account.

If you have any questions about Overdraft Protection, you can stop by any Meridian Trust branch location, or call 1.800.726.5644 or 307.635.7878.

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