Identity Theft Protection: Fraud Defender

You have a higher chance of being a victim of Identity Theft than you do of being involved in a violent crime, having a heart attack, or even getting into a car accident. That's why it's important that you get the protection you need to prevent someone from hijacking your identity and creating havoc in your personal and financial life.

What is Identity Theft?

Identity Theft is a crime in which someone obtains key pieces of your personal identifying information and uses it against you for their personal gain. Identity thieves can access your personal information by stealing your wallet or purse, going through your mail, sifting through your garbage, infecting your computer with a virus, phishing for your information online, or hacking into your personal information which is stored on hundreds and thousands of databases across the country. Every year your personal information is shared with companies everywhere, large and small. You give your personal information out freely when you go to the doctor or hospital, and make purchases at retail stores.

Meridian Trust's new Identity Theft Protection service called Fraud Defender can help you and is available in three different packages: Basic, Preferred and Premium.

With Basic Protection, you get a cost-effective and fundamental solution to guard against Identity Theft. This includes fully managed recovery, along with lost document replacement, internet black market monitoring and credit monitoring, all designed to protect and preserve your good name. You'll also receive reimbursement on out-of-pocket expenses incurred by recovering your identity up to $1 million. A professional recovery advocate works with you and on your behalf to resolve all issues. Basic Protection is $2.95/mo. for an individual and $5.80/mo. for a family.

Preferred Protection provides a more comprehensive solution, with all of the same features of Basic Protection, with the added benefit of a "credential vault" which securely stores information for up to 50 credentials, such as credit cards, checking accounts, savings accounts, personal loan information, passport, retirement accounts and more. This package also includes an annual credit report, score and credit monitoring. You'll receive alerts anytime information on your credit report is updated. Preferred Protection is $6.95/mo. for an individual and $13.70/mo. for a family.

With Premium Protection, you get all of the features above, plus 3-bureau credit monitoring, and ID monitoring of public records which monitors millions of public database records to identify changes to your personal information including changes to your name, address, Social Security Number and phone numbers as well as other key identifying information. Premium Protection is $12.95/mo. for an individual and $24.90/mo. for a family.

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